UAU’s creative engine and factotum is Giulia Pappalardo, ex creative designer in love with textures and patterns that, since very young, shows a real fascination for bags, making the first pieces at the age of 13 with a friend


At the age of 40, she abandons her computer for a sewing machine.

Giulia deals with the whole production, starting from designing each model, cutting the leather, sewing and assembling all the parts of her artcrafts


The top quality leather that Giulia uses for her creations is manually silk screened with craft techniques and grapics represeting nature and see elements inspired by Sicily, her birthplace



Constant research and a volcanic mind are fundamental for creating each UAU BAGS product.

Every bag is a unique piece handcrafted as in the past with only few tools and a special attention to the details

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There is talk about UAU on

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